Our Brand & Logo

Emerald Custom Creations has seen several different looks and feels over the years, but in the spring of 2015 the owners decided to rebrand the company. With several different names under one roof they came to realize that it was time to present their customers with some clarity and refreshed branding. As opposed to having a variety of services each under their own company name, the owners determined it was important to identify all of their products and services with one unique and recognizable umbrella name: "Emearld Custom Creations." As such, our logo, website, business cards, and signage have recently been updated.

We've provided a package for those wishing to use our logo. It includes the vector files, pngs, jpgs, and most importantly, a graphic standards manual/brand guideline. When downloading the package, we urge you to review the manual so that you're aware of how to use our logo. You'll also find a list of our fonts and colours. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. This way we'll avoid any confusion or misuse of our logo.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

-The Team at Emerald Custom Creations